Deliver me, be my high tower, have mercy

deliver me, be my high tower, have mercy

My favorite hymn is “Be thou my vision” and so much of my thoughts in this post are reflected in that hymn.

Remember the story of the blind man who Jesus healed by making mud and covering his eyes?  Remember when Jesus was asked if the man was born blind because of his sins or the sins of his parents?  Remember Jesus’ response was to the fact that he was born blind so that he could glorify God through this opportunity to be healed.  Can you imagine, 32 years of blindness, begging, being rejected by society and being a burden to his family – all so that God could be glorified.  I am sure many of us have difficulty with that if we have not found ourselves knowing God.

Sometimes life just is like that – its bad, its rough and not because we have sinned.  However, it is always a time for God to be glorified as people are watching how we are handling the situation.

That is why I sometimes start my prayer right away with an ask for God to come and deliver me.  Then I move into getting my heart right with God if I have missed something or actually have a sin that is between me and God.  Most of the time I am angry at those who are against me and my first reaction is always to ask God to punish them, so He takes a few moments to show me how to love them.

These moments when it seems like the world has bought into the gossip and everyone is talking about you and when it feels like swords are coming from their lips – I try to look at it all from God’s perspective.  I look at Him laughing at their ignorance that I have called upon my God to save me and they have no idea that He will.

It is because of God’s strength that I can move into the background and let Him do His thing.  I am not sure about waiting 32 years, however, I am just now thinking about a call on my life when I was 16 that has not come into fruition yet and I am now 52.  Still waiting to glorify God in that area of my life.  So God has become my high tower, a place that is safe from the world below and I can watch some of what God is doing.

God’s loving-kindness meets me during these times of prayer and God will give me the desire of my heart.

I want people to know that God reigns.  I want people to see that the bread of life sustains me.  I want people to see me praising Him, even a sacrifice of praise.  I want people to know that God is my strength, my praise, my high tower, my God of mercy.



Hymn: Be Thou my Vision




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