Does silence speak righteousness?


Being with SIM (Serving in Mission), more widely known as Soudan Interior Mission, for the past year and some months, this is a question that we have answered firmly and resoundingly.  I was blessed to hear our Executive Director, when proposed for a major gift to drill wells declared to the donor that they needed to understand that we are not in the well-drilling business.  We are drilling wells because that is the door God has opened to this people group so that we can share the Gospel with them.

This is no different from asking the question – does silence speak justice?  Somehow that answer comes more naturally.

Maybe it is how we look at ourselves – do we see ourselves as gods coming to help the poor and the weak?  If we take the glory than we become special and God plays in the background or maybe even hidden deep within our souls.  The burps happen when things do not go as seemless as intended.

Unfortunately violence is in the land, and justice is not easy to speak, in fact, trying to administer justice sometimes make us look dumb.  I believe the secrets that we hold in our hearts and minds, the lies that we are now just starting to speak out loud, are almost as dangerous as those of an adder or a cobra. And the musicians that play the instruments that control the movements of a cobra and put them into a trance are no longer working – God has come and destroyed the act and there is only one message left standing true – the Gospel message saying come and repent, be made as white as snow even though your sins are as red as crimson.

Without the gospel message setting the way to righteousness, the people, before they even perceive it, will become like brambles, swept away in a storm – thorn and thistle both.  With the gospel, the way to righteousness is like having fruit and everyone will know there is one God who rules the earth and it is His way that we follow and it is His way that is right.



Silence of the righteous men



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