The Incredibles are my number one super hero family.  In fact one year the theme of our promotion department went along this line and each member of my team picked which member of the family represented them – of course, I was Mr. Incredible.  At home I am obviously Mr. Incredible.

But in the wonderful country of Canada we have another language group – officially – and they could not translate the non-tangible word “incredible” and so they decided that the closet word they could get to was – indestructible – sad, but true.

However, it is one of the key truths I have been reminded of lately.  I am very much alive regardless if my body is functioning or not.  I am eternal – it is my place of residence that needs to be determined once the body is no longer functioning, but I am very much alive.

Since I know that my name’s written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, my residence is in heaven.

Good to know.  So what?

That means that if I am alive here on earth in my bodily form, God has a purpose for me.  When things try to mess up my life, when others try to distort God’s plan, it is very important for me to find my refuge in Him until the mess passes by.

I need two things to get me through calamities – God’s loving kindness and truth.  In other words I need to depend on God’s mercy and I need to know that He is faithful.  Then I can live right in the midst of those who want to consume me, snare me and capture me in their desire to see me fall.

That is why I wake up early in the morning to spend time with God and why praise is on my lips and a melody is in my heart – Adonay.





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