Delivered my feet from falling

Delivered my feet from falling

Love the idea of my feet being delivered – falling is okay and sometimes good but the kind of falling that destroys or takes me off the path that God has charted for me is not so good – from that kind of falling God has delivered me.

God’s mercy is always so tangible but especially in times of oppression.  When I am afraid, I put my trust in Him.  I have to keep reminding myself about what can someone else really do to me that I need to be so afraid?

I know I want an honourable name just as much as anyone else and it is amazing how quickly that can be lost by those who twist and turn words and put together a strategy that is completely against you and your honour.

However, God is watching the whole thing, the several times I wander are numbered, my tears are captured in His bottle and I believe they are recorded in a special book too.

This one thing I know – God is for me.  God has delivered my soul from death that I might walk before God in the light of the living.

How to Keep from Falling



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