Let’s face it – many of us come to God because of the voices in our lives.  God is pretty much the only sane relationship we have and in the quiet moments that we prepare to meet Him or in the busyness of life where we find time to whisper a prayer – He hears us.

So back to the voices in our lives – the ones that want to destroy us, oppress, put guilt or shame on us and make us angry which brings up a whole other world of emotions that persecute us.  These are the types of voices that physically harm us – does your heart not hurt when we”re confronted in such a way?  Is there not a sense of fear that almost feels like it is stronger than your faith at times – especially if we let it ride for a while?  I think today we call it an anxiety attack – fear and trembling and for some I know it goes as far as horror at the sense of being so overwhelmed, almost to the point of believing that the terror of death is right around the corner.

That’s when we want to drink a Red Bull and fly away.  Then we would have rest and preferably in some very remote wilderness away from all those voices.  Looking for a shelter, a safe place from the winds and the storms.

What about if these voices did not come from an enemy, but a friend, one that was considered your companion?  One who you spent time with and counselled each other and walked together in faith and into worship?  I believe we have all been there.

All of this reminds us of one important decision — we must call upon God for He is the one who will save us.  If you have to – do it morning, noon and night – complain, moan, sigh and God will hear your voice.  No words are necessary.

I will cast my burdens on God and He will sustain me and He will make sure that I am not moved.  I will trust in You.







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