Heal the sickness of Your people

Heal the sickness of your people

Today I was in a meeting with a number of church pastors from a small community.  The question was — what is a barrier to the Canadian church in sending out missionaries?  Response was sad because they all knew the answers – there are many.  Why is the Church so asleep at such a critical time, with so many people groups still unreached?

Yes we are a bunch that have our own brand of corruption, wickedness, and iniquity.  We are not seeking after God even after we have found Him.  We have slipped back into old patterns, comfortable with our filth, degenerating, tainted and sour.

Yet we have hope, when we declare God’s name and declare it to be good, and we declare in the presence of the saints.  When we tremble before His presence because He reaches out His hand to save us, to help us, to bring us back, and to help us turn back.  He will heal us.



Bible Verses on Healing




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