Why brag


I have read quotes lately on how destructive pride is and since I have it in spades I have asked God what I need to do to tone this down a bit.

First of all God’s loving-kindness is really what sustains and endures for ever.  If God wanted to, well, God can do anything He wants and I do not want Him to use me as the example of what happens to a guy with too much pride.  I have seen too many pastors these days falling for other woman and leaving their wives and it is not pretty.  I think we look at them and see how God was no longer their strength and somewhere along the way they started trusted themselves and who they thought they were.

If I am going to be a strong, fresh shoot of a growing tree then I have to be in a place where I trust in the loving-kindness of God, giving thanks to Him because whatever favour I receive it is because of Him, He has done it.  I will have to put my hope in no other save Him and that will be good for the saints to see and be encouraged as well.

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