Have mercy


There is not a day that goes by where I am recalling an event of speech or action where I do not call on the mercy of God in my life.  What do other people, who do not know Jesus, do with all these recurring memories of sin?

I depend every single day on the loving-kindness, the multitude of mercies and compassion of God to destroy and blot out my transgressions, sins, iniquities, trespasses and guilt.   I depend on Him to cleanse and purify me every day.

God’s justified in calling me out.  I have messed up and in no way have honoured Him.  Believe it or not, He has the right to judge me.  Look at me, I am a sinner, born a sinner – God is justified.

Instead He delights in my faithfulness to come to Him, He is confident that I know I can.  My prayer is simple – purify me, cleanse me from sin, make me clean and pure.  Allow me to come into Your presence, even though I’m broken, I will rejoice and even though I’m crushed, I will exult You.  I am trusting You to blot out and destroy my iniquities and trespasses and to transform my heart into a pure one.  Renew my spirit into a steadfast one, right and firm.  I need You to save me, I am willing for You to help me – then I’ll be set free.  Thank you that I do not need to shed my blood, that You have taken up this matter on my behalf.

God becomes my God each and every day.  My tongue finds so many ways to rejoice and ring out His righteousness and faithfulness.  I look forward to God continuing to build and rebuild in my life.



Lord, have mercy – Michael W Smith & Amy Grant

Have Mercy on Me [Sovereign Grace Music]

Lord, Have Mercy

Vanessa Bling – Have Mercy On Me Lord (Gospel)

Why We Need to Say ‘Lord, Have Mercy!’



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