When we see God coming one day to judge, He will be in His glory, perfection, wonder and will shine, but He will also come with fire, storm and powerful roars.  He will call together those who have decided to follow Him – saints, godly, devoted ones – those who have publicly proclaimed this.

He will remind everyone that the entire earth, everything that moves belongs to Him. Those that recognized this,  gave their lives and hearts to Him.  With thanksgiving they knew they could go to God in times of trouble and distress and God would save them and deliver them, rescuing them.  They praised and glorified Him, declaring His grace and telling others of His wonder.

Those who chose evil over God, this is the time that God is no longer silent.  The time is now that matters get settled.  There will be reprove and conviction, truth, and the forgetters of God will not be delivered, will not experience deliverance.

Today we make the decision once again.  To those who mark their conversation as followers of God and who lay down their lives in such a way that anyone can see that God is their God, God will see and God will show Himself to them and God’s joy will be their strength and God will let them enjoy His joy.




The Hebrew Name for God – Elohim



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