Low/High and Rich/Poor


I have seen those who have put their trust in wealth and who openly brag about how much they have.  The day has not yet come where they find that all of their riches cannot save the life of a loved one who is dying nor can they pay a ransom fee to God to save them.

Wise people die as well as the fools and in both cases they leave whatever wealth they have attained to others.  That is why 7 out of 10 people in Canada have not written their estate plan yet – inside they want to believe that they will live forever and that their names will be remembered forever as they name their property after themselves.  Is it sad to say that we are like the animals when it comes to dying?

Only those who have decided to follow Jesus have something to live for after their death.  Whether you are low or high in society, rich or poor, it matters not.  What only matters is your relationship with God and where it stands – for that marks eternity.

Your choice determines you as a member in hell where death will be your shepherd or as a follower of Jesus where you will have a position redeemed by God and where you are received by Him into His Kingdom.






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