Our guide, even to death


There are many who do not like talking about dying.  Since I write estate plans for people, I end up talking about the subject every single day and yet because it is a practical exercise in planning, I find it a great opportunity to introduce many of them to the thoughts God has about the subject.

Many people think that when the reach heaven one day they will be turned into super-Christians.  They fail to realize that their spirits do not change, only their body – so the level of their spiritual journey on earth will be the level of the spiritual being in heaven.  If you are a baby in Christ, you will be a baby in heaven.  If you are immature in your spiritual growth on earth, so you will be immature in heaven etc.

Considering death is a good thing for a living Christian as it motivates us to seek God and to be and do the things that we need to do and be.

Simple things like learning how to praise and worship Him, and how to  converse with Him, which we call prayer,  We should experience His life-changing power and what it feels like to be transformed and we should experience His loving-kindness each and every day.

Most importantly we must know God, His character, His judgments, His leading of us into right living.  If we take note of these, then and only then can we go and talk about them and tell it to the next generation following us.  Tell them that God is our God for ever and ever and that He will guide us, and that death is not the end, but just another beginning where the idea of forever and ever is very real.

God’s Promise To Guide Us

Our Guide Unto Death

 He will be our guide even unto death


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