Clap your hands

Clap your hands


I am not much of a hand clapper.  There are many reasons for this and probably too many to put into one post.  I believe though that there is something special when our body reflects in some way, shape or form what is coming out of our heart and through our lips.

We see it all the time in various venues that we might attend.  Church is one of those for some of us.

Why do we clap our hands?  There is definitely something triumphal about this, especially with a lot of people joining in.  The praise is contagious if done with sincerity and it does draw you in when the worship is directed to God.

When we actually believe that He is in control, that He has chosen us, that He cares for the shouts and the music along with the singing of praise, then we change.  Now it is with understanding that we sing.  We understand that He is not just our friend and Father, but the King of all the earth and He reigns over every nation while sitting on His holy throne.

When all that happens, I have been known to clap my hands as part of my celebration of praise and to express in some bodily outward form that I am exalting my God with all the people who are gathered together to do the same thing.





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