God is ours


We all have our troubles, in fact, troubles can be found in abundance.  God is our help in our distress who allows Himself to be found especially when we take a step back and allow Him to lead.

As our troubles try to shake us, make us totter and the roar of noise is all around us, there is gladness – brooks and streams of gladness – a dwelling place made holy by the presence of God that He has prepared for us in such a time as this.

Here we cannot totter, here we see the early morning as she dawns.  The noise of the world is drowned by the voice of God, it is thunderous as well, but it is one that affirms He is our refuge, our high tower, our stronghold.

That sets up back on the road that He has charted for us and gives us the strength to work the deeds He has called us to carry out, even those in desolate places, places that put terror into a person’s heart.  There it’s confirmed – God is ours.

A new noise emerges.  It comes from our own heart and lips – a voice of triumph, a sound of joy, a call to rejoice – for our troubles have been subdued, He has subdued them.

My pride is in Him – He is excellent, He is great, He has chosen to come and be my God.



Hillsong – This is Our God

How Great Is Our God (World Edition)

Our God – Chris Tomlin

Our God is an Awesome God!

“This God-Our God and Guide”



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