As you are being led…

as you are being led

My son and his fiance were married last week and they wrote their own vows.  Amazingly the word “submission” was included in them.  I know that they have a healthy idea of what that word means and what it looks like.  Just as we are followers of Christ, we know that being led by Him means gladness and rejoicing, so they know that love and respect will bring them honour for one another and that makes it so beautiful to submit to one another.

It is so much like overflowing with bubbles, or bubbling through you or bubbling up within you – that is gladness and joy.  Being led by God is a good thing, a splendid action, a fine word that describes how I work with God.

It is this romance of my God to me that causes me to write Him poems, sing Him songs, and write Him letters.  There is no one else that captures my heart like God does.  Grace and graciousness pour into, on and through me.  God has become my mighty one, my hero.  His glory and majesty, His greatness and blessings are for those who want to be led — the faithful, the submissive, the ones who want to live right.

We become prosperous when it comes to His protection and to the granting of our requests.  God teaches, then shows and then works truths into my life.  I love being led and am glad and full of joy as He leads me.



How to be led by the Spirit of God

Understanding the Spirit-filled life



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