Our works and deeds

our woks and deeds

Important things to consider in our walk along the road that God has charted for us and how we do them is probably more important and why we do them – more important still.

May I suggest that even as they are important, let’s still remember in the midst of our working and doing, that God’s hand is always at work in our lives.  It is He that moves the hearts of people to give us favour and honour, it is He who brings people into our lives and drives others away.  It is He who gives to us and He who takes away.  It is He who saves us and helps us and gives us victories. It is He who gives us that look on our face that indicates how special we are. It is He who enables us to lead and it is through Him that we will and we can – do.

So we make sure that any time during the day, when it comes to us to remember, that we give thanks and praise Him for all of His work and deeds in our lives.



Psalm 77

Faith Without Works Is Dead

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Three Ways Our Deeds Relate to Our Salvation

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