Where is your God?

where is your God

In my world, this question is asked not in sincerity, but with sarcasm.

Let’s face it, our neighbours are no longer seeking God and they claim the evil in this world is because of Him so why would they want to follow Him?  As a result our world is beginning to fall apart – we are becoming unkind.

So when we say God is our strength and refuge, it means that we are a people who are losing our natural voice and need to come to God for our strength and protection — so that we can go out into the world once again to give the message of truth that God is faithful.  With that message comes an invitation for others to come with us to meet with God and to understand why we can engage in this world with joy and gladness regardless of the evil that resides in it.

Never miss an opportunity to explain why you have hope!



Psalm 42 – Where is Your God?

How the Bible Answers the Question, “Where Is Your God?”

Where is Your God?



2 thoughts on “Where is your God?

  1. So true. People are very quick to blame God or His “absence” for the evil around us, without realizing that we are a fallen people living in a fallen world. But God is here, living in the hearts of people full of love, joy, and hope.

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