Channels of water

channels of water

I love God’s creativity – unboxable and yet we try every day.  Illustrations of water comes in many forms throughout scripture and most of the time I think of rivers of life – probably because all the songs I sing in church talk about this river of life inside of me flowing out and touching the lives of others.

But God needs us to be brooks, and ponds, and springs too.  So many people are in different parts of their walk, in their journey of faith, that each one has a different kind of thirst for God that needs to be satisfied.

I still love the idea of being dunked for water baptism, but I am thinking now how precious sprinkling is too and all the other creative ways we look at the most precious practice of giving ourselves entirely to God for His service.

My prayer is that I will always want to seek God in the same way we all need water.  I look to the promise that once I have tasted of the water He offers, I will never thirst again for I will be with Him always and I will enjoy a very special river that will be part of where I live.





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