Tender mercies, lovingkindness and truth


Tender mercies – still walking around everyday and thinking about things that have happened in the past.  Each time a bad memory or an embarrassing moment comes up, I sometimes will say out loud, but definitely everytime – Lord have mercy on me.  I believe these are attacks to bring me down, but I never stay long enough on them for them to have any bearing on me at all – its like I’m made of teflon and they slide off.  I just can’t handle them, so in the instant that they come, I give them over to the mercies of God and He takes over.

Loving-kindness – more and more convinced as I read the Psalms that this is my bubble, my super hero shield, my refuge and protection.  I do not run into a castle or a mountain, I run to God’s loving-kindness where I am safe, comforted, filled with the Holy Spirit, encouraged and rested, renewed and restored.

Truth – nothing can replace the truth for the truth is that God is merciful and extends His loving kindness to us .  The truth is He loves me and sent and gave His Son to take my place and receive in my place the cost of my sin.  There is no one else who has given their life for me and there is no argument or point of view or opinion that could take away my hope, peace and joy I have in following Jesus.



Lovingkindness and Tender Mercy





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