Taking heed to my mouth

taking heed to my  mouth

On any given day we have to be careful what we say, but especially when we are around those who are not followers of Christ.  I have tried to learn to bridle my tongue more often, learning the difference from speaking in my freedom and speaking appropriately.

It amazing how important being silent can be, even to the point of losing your comfort zone.  You know how it is when you think you are right and the “truth” is burning in your heart and its getting hotter and hotter.  Your musing in your heart it’s like a fire in there.

The only way I have to stop the nonsense is to remember that my own days are not very long on this earth and will not be much longer either.  In God’s timetable our lives are nothing but a vapour, a breath, almost nothing at all, a shadow walking this earth.  This kind of look at vanity disquiets me and I learn not to be alarmed about too much.



I Will Take Heed to my Ways – Spurgeon Devotional Morning & Evening: Daily Readings

I Will Take Heed To My Ways


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