No fretting, no anger

no fretting, no anger

Ever watch a person who is engaged in fretting or someone who is bursting in anger?  They run out of energy very quickly once they stop.  Then they are of absolute no use to anyone.  If  you are a follower of Christ and are prone to fretting and anger, they steal your testimony to the God you are following too.

They say that fretting and anger come from dwelling on the negative, on pride or the act of being too proud or about being in control and intimidating to get that control.  Character traits that do not represent the Jesus we follow.

To stop this negative practice we are asked to dwell on God and His faithfulness.  To confidently understand that this life is lived this way so that we may be safe.  It is here that we can be in touch with our desires and instead of fretting or being angry, we go to our Father, asking Him to give them to us and trusting that He will.

He knows that blessing us for living right will be like a like shining in the night, lighting the way.  So we rest in Him, we’re resigned to leave it all in His hands, even when those who are not living right seem to be prospering more than we are.





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