Flattering yourself

SI Exif

One of our SIM Canadian missionaries puts on a one man monologue acting like a Muslim before a Christian audience.  His task is to intimidate, as much as possible, and to draw the ire of the audience to show how much they do not know how to present the Christian faith and how to love a Muslim.

He did this again the other day to a group of youth coming out of a very small town in New Brunswick.  As they shared their experience, I realized just how flattering the non-Christian feels as they make fun of, deceive, twist the truth, lie and generally try to show how weak the Christian and their faith really is.  This we come across as we share our faith with various people groups, but I never saw it as the spirit of flattery in the eyes of the atheist until today.

In fact, they flatter themselves so much that they have no fear of God it seems.  They think that their sin will somehow disappear.


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