Lately the world have been talking about hope with the news of another celebrity passing away by suicide.  Mental illness, depression, is blamed.  The discussion is confusing because for someone who has everything, why would they be depressed.

Hope is one of those things that’s instilled in every persons DNA.  It is how and why we survive through life and are enabled to do things not imaginable and it is the power engine in each of us.  To dream, and then to live that dream – how amazing.

The problem comes when our hope is not placed into the hands of the one who placed that hope within each of us.  The blessings of His grace become the object of our hope and not Him, the giver.  It happens as slowly as water coming to a boil.  Almost unnoticeable.

Hence, the outcome of hope – joy – is only sustainable when the hope is based on something secure, strong, safe, constant.  Anything else, the limits move, the boundaries are inconsistent, untrustworthy, unreal.

God has His eye on each of us.  He made our hearts and understands everything we do.

What do you think – can an army save you, are you strong enough to save yourself?  Only falling on your knees, your hands raised in surrender before the King of Kings will bring you your salvation.  He rescues those who put their hope in Him.  He becomes the army, the strength, the help, the shield – His unfailing love becomes the bubble of protection that surrounds us.

Our hope is in You alone.


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