My sound of praise

my sound of praise

It is just right to be able to lift my voice in praise, to hear an instrument that’s set by its player to play a song that will be a pleasure to the ear of God.  This noise that emits from us, this loud striking and then gentle sound, this loud, shouting noise and the gentle whisper – all of it – reflected in God’s creation.  It is not new, but definitely reflective.  We’re surrounded by praise and by our very nature, return that praise with the rest of creation to our Maker.

By His word He created all things.  By our word we give Him praise.  He gathered the waters of the earth and the sounds of the deep, the whirlpools of rushing water, the waves against the shoreline stand fast, true and are constant, never-ending, a testimony to unending praise.  Creation is a storeroom of praise and our hearts bring out praise from our treasuries of experience and love.  The thoughts of our hearts reflects the very nature of God’s thoughts – our plans reflect His.



Sound Of Praise

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