Do I grieve?

do I grieve

Woke up this morning with this question on my mind.  Then I started reading a Psalm and had to stop because David was so distressed, so in grief, that he was wasting away.  He was grieving over his sin.

Do I grieve over the things that grieve the heart of God?  Yesterday I prayed for the people of Tibet, for the Christians being slaughtered in Iraq and for the countless number of women being trafficked.  I can assure you that my mind, soul and spirit were engaged in that prayer.  I can also assure you that if these things grieve the heart of God, somehow my heart was not engaged.

I see that I am not alone.  I see countless decisions by people who respond to the call to follow God and it seems that with repentance there is no longer any grieving.  People come joyfully to accept the grace of God and there is no grieving over their sin, as David grieved over his.

Lord, may my heart be sensitive to the matters that grieve Your heart.





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