Lead me, guide me


Having made the decision to follow God,  God has asked me to disciple or come along others who are walking this road that He has charted for me.  In my task of leading and guiding others, I find that utterly impossible unless I enter each day with the same prayer to God to lead and guide me.

Yes, that is troubling and terrifying, but that ask along with tons of mercy has proven God’s faithfulness. He has turned towards me, set me free, strengthened me and has been glorified.

Taking refuge in Him, hiding myself in Him, putting my trust in Him only allows Him to come and save me, deliver me, be my rock of protection, my stronghold, my crag, my fortress.

So I commend, commit and charge others to follow the God of truth, a faithful God.  Set aside those lying vanities, false gods, vain nothingness and He will be our God, let Him be your God.



Pastor Lenora Young singing Lead Me Guide Me

Lead me, guide me

Doris Akers – Lead Me, Guide Me

Elvis – Lead Me Guide Me



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