Voice of God

voice of God


I love talking to God – I think that most of us are more comfortable talking than listening.  Praise is a big part of that conversation that we have with Him.  Why is it that study after study shows that those who follow Christ want little to do with listening to God and I include in that the mediation of God’s Word.  The latest studies in Canada show that 1 out of 4 Christians read their Bible regularly.  Definition for regular – once a week.  That means it might be Sunday that the respondents are thinking about.

I have to admit that when God reveals Himself to me through His Word it is sometimes like thunder.  It is powerful, it is majestic in the sense that this is God talking to me, personally.  His voice breaks things that need to be broken, His voice sets me free and His voice is like tongues of fire filling my soul. When I am dry, broken, and alone, His voice shakes me awake and stirs life in me.  His voice fills me so that when I open my voice – it shouts Glory!

The Morning I Heard the Voice of God



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