Be my Shepherd

psalm139-24 (1)

I am not so sure that I have ever asked God to be my shepherd.  I believe that today is the first day.  All this talk about Him charting my road but in fact, I need Him to be my shepherd too.  There is something faith building in just that statement, something that takes the control away from me and yields it to another and now I am trusting.

Avoiding the pits and the graves, I am looking to be lead to the holy and innermost sanctuary of God.  I will be watching others who have chosen not to ask God to be their shepherd landing in trouble, getting what they deserve, while I am strengthened and protected throughout my journey because I have found a helper.  Praise and thankfulness are part of every step because I too deserve none of this grace but He provides this to all who follow Him.  He is my inheritance, He bears me up and He even carries me.

So I am confident in Him, my delight is in Him, my confidence is seeing and believing Him participating in my life.  That is where my strength comes from and my protection – my Shepherd.



Oh Lord, My Shepherd Be




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