Strength, protection, a stronghold

strength protection a strong hold

When I was sixteen, my aunt and uncle invited me to come to Germany for a visit.  For three months they spoiled me rotten and gave me a tour of the birthplace of my mother that I will never forget.  One of the most amazing things we saw, that I never tired of, was the tour of castles, both current and those no longer what they once were.  There is a sense for sure of how a properly built and properly located building structure can instill confidence in the level of safety and security.  The pride of history, remembering the past and how the castle stood the test of adversity was always a part of the story.

In God, we find the same idea.  Battle after battle our confidence and trust in Him can be quite exhilarating. It instill a desire deep within the soul to seek after God, to be with Him, and to follow Him.  His presence becomes the most sought after experience – even described as beautiful, sweet and pleasant.

So in the day of trouble, there is only one place to be – a place where He conceals us, hides us, and places us within His protection.




God is My Stronghold



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