If I am going to lift my soul to anyone it will only be to God.  He is the only one who I trust.  I count on Him not to put me to shame.

So how do I respond to my associates in Liberia who have contracted the eBola virus?  How do they respond to their families, friends and what answers do they have for their own questions?

This one thing I know – those that wait on God will never be put to shame and they will never shame the name of God.

“God show me Your ways, teach me the path that I need to be walking on today is our prayer.  You guiding me and teaching me is all I ask because You are the God of my salvation to begin with, so it is You who I wait on all day long.  And while I struggle with all of this, remember God that You are one of tender mercies and loving kindness, these have marked You since the beginning of time.  While Satan would wish to remind me of the sins of my youth and all my other transgressions, Lord look at me and remember me through the eyes of Your lovingkindness and of Your Son, Jesus.  Allow me to still, in this moment of weakness, teach those who do not know You, the way.  If I am given the privilege to grow in meekness then I will guide others in justice and teach Your way.  So pardon my iniquity for they are great.”




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