Righteous paths

righteous paths

There is one thing about my job/ministry that I know absolutely – I can do nothing without God’s favour and honour.  So everything I have, I have because God has supplied me with it and I have everything I need.

Even when I do not take care of myself, which I have a tendency of doing, God finds a way to make a difference.  This past year I pushed myself too hard.  I did not take any vacation time and I had hours of overtime that I also did not take advantage of.  As I started this year, I took one week and asked God to make it count – I was in vacation mode immediately – in total rest – what would normally have taken me two full weeks to experience I received from the hand of God with 4 days and a long weekend.  I am thankful.

I met the professor of Leisure Studies at the University of Ottawa in a business trip to Ottawa this summer.  As a follower of Christ, he does have opportunity to move in Christian circles exercising the practice of Sabbath.  It was an amazing visit and I cannot wait for his book to come out in December.

For this too I know – that God is the restorer of souls and part of that restoration produces two things – one is that it puts me back on the right path and secondly, most importantly, it brings glory to His name.  It brings glory to His name because my life is a reflection of who God is when I am walking on the right path, fully restored.


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