I will be satisfied


I was talking with a pastor yesterday who said that he was asked to prepare four sermons on “how to be content” to group of people all suffering from some form of cerebral palsy at a weekend retreat.  When he arrived, he found that all of them were confined to wheelchairs and he began to doubt that he was the right person to give such a message.

He came away from that weekend realizing more than ever that it is not our health, our good looks, or how much money we have that defines us.  As for me, I want to see God’s face, standing in front of Him with the righteousness of Christ wrapped around me and I would be more than satisfied to go to sleep one day and wake up looking at Jesus.

In the meantime I ask God to listen to me pray, honest prayer.  May I pray the prayer that would reflect the heart of God.  If I am going to be everything God wants me to be, He has to prove my heart, to try me and found me out.  I hope He finds nothing for I’m purposed to make sure that my mouth does not trip me up.

I trust that God’s word over my life keeps me going straight, holding fast and not slipping.  May we encourage one another with testimonies of God’s faithfulness, marvelling at His immense loving kindness towards us. In fact I want to be the apple of His eye and I want to be found under the shadow of His wings.  There I’ll be satisfied too.

I’ll Be Satisfied (Any Way You Bless Me) – Hezekiah Walker

I’ll Be Satisfied -Mike Sharp live at 98Rock’s NITB

I’ll Be Satisfied




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