Path of Life


I acknowledge a few things as I walk this road that God has charted for me — God only can keep me so in Him I take refuge and beyond Christ in my life there is no good in me.

For this reason I enjoy and delight in the fellowship of other saints.  This week I will be on Elim Lodge Conference grounds for the week and already have enjoyed being with those who are interested in the things of God.

I am not sure what to say to those who are following other gods.  God, even just a portion of Him is my inheritance and my cup.  He maintains all of me – I am who I am because of Him.

It seems that I’m blessed in all the right places and have a great heritage to pass to my family.  I bless God each day because He guides me, He instructs me and in my quiet times He is before me. Because He walks right beside me, I will not be moved.  My heart is glad and I carry the glory of God within me.  As my soul is safe, I am safe too.

So I continue to ask God to show me the path of life, for in His presence there is joy and there are pleasures.


Psalm 16 — The Path of Life



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