Never be moved

I am wary of the words “always” and “never” – love using them myself because I feel absolute – but they are words that really set up expectations and rules and firm boundaries that most likely are not healthy for us to create.

Here is some advice though from someone who really loved God, warts and all, and who found for him that there was a secret to staying on the path God had charted for him.  These are his points that he followed in his walk —

  • walk right
  • work right
  • speak “heart” truth
  • do not gossip, slander, put down
  • do not do evil to your friend
  • do not make an enemy of your neighbour
  • despise someone who has given up on life (not sure about this one)
  • honour all those who fear God
  • who will do what they say they will do even if at the end it may hurt them
  • one who will not change (I am sure this has to do with character)
  • loan money without interest
  • take no cause against the innocent



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