Keeping cares within my soul


There is something about running into the arms of God – it’s safe, it’s real and during some very difficult times, it is the only place for healing.

There are times when the maturity of our relationship with God, and having the spirit of God within us, we need to stand and grow in the authority He has given us to live life.  Not only to live it, but to flourish, prosper and bring the light of the Kingdom of God into places of darkness.

We believe in entertaining joy, hope and peace, but have we ever thought of entertaining pain?  Without the pain of an evening of mourning and sadness, how could we ever wonder in the joy and hope of the morning?

In considering death, is that not better than death just happening?  Do I not make plans to make sure that my plans are cherished?  Do I not make it a purpose in my life to exercise loving-kindness and mercy?

Help me Lord exercise my soul’s ability to walk this road You have charted for me knowing that You are a very important part of me.



Soul Keeping: Caring For the Most Important Part of You by John Ortberg

So Why Soul Care?



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