Not in a bubble


The further we move along in our journey of faith in this world, the more we find that we do not live in a faith bubble protected from the elements of evil.

We all want to believe that we do and some of us even go as far as never associating with anyone outside of the church.

However, we miss the opportunity to ask God for help.  That sometimes means that we try to guess what or how God will get involved.  That more often than not means unmet expectations and we have heard stories of people who were once Christians and then decided not to be because God did not answer their prayers.  In fact, He did, they just missed it because they were looking for something else.

There are those around us that will try to speak words into our lives that will be mostly made up of their opinions and not so much the truth and there will be many more gifted in flattery or speak from both sides of their mouths.  Even so there will be others who will tell us that we really do not need God or God is too busy to help us – but for those of us who seek God, thirst for Him, He will stand for us.

God’s words themselves have been tried as silver is in a furnace and they are being purified over and over.  They keep coming out pure.  That is why His word has lasted from generation to generation.  Preserved in the hearts, minds and lives of those who follow Him and proven over and over again to be pure.

We do not live in a bubble, therefore expect to do battle with your own thoughts and the thoughts of others that wish to take you off the road God has charted for you.  Remember though, only the thoughts of God have been tested and found to be pure.



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