Free as a bird

free as a bird - Angelique Brunas

What a great spirit to walk the road that God has charted for us – free as a bird – free from the power of sin, free from self, free from bondage and blindness – we’re set free.

Then why do we need God as a refuge?

Well, the world likes nothing better than to take us down and put us back into the same box they are in.  Jesus Himself was nailed to a cross to show Him a thing or two about the cost of freedom – little did they know that their action would guarantee freedom – well, let’s not forget the resurrection – the power that set us all free.

If the foundation of our freedom is ever taken away from us – what are our options?

God is right and He loves those who want to follow Him and He promises us all that we shall see His face.  That should get us through those tough times we all go through.




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