Are You closing Your eyes?


Pride can do a lot of things.  It can make us into miserable people.  Instead of helping we pursue, instead of lending a  hand we pressure

We take, seize, conceive, imagine, get caught up in intrigues and devices. We boast about ourselves and about taking what we want.

I know God is angry – why will He not punish me?  I know that others see wrong and injustice go unpunished and they say as a result that there is no God.  Maybe He is inviting me into a place where none of that exists, a place where I can have security just for who I am, a place where I am who He purposed me to be.  If I am free from adversity and misfortune than I am free to go from strength to strength.

God’s eyes are wide open – He knows who I am – His invitation to come and follow is as real as it always has been – all I need to do is give up my pride before it’s too late, not because of Him, but because of me.




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