We are going to mess up

we are going to mess up

Some of us are so fearful when we mess up that God is going to make sure we hear how angry He is or show demonstratively how much He does not like us anymore.  The fear actually sucks our strength away.

I hope that most of us know that God heals and has no desire in destroying.  He is into delivering and saving our souls because He loves us.

We have to know that God would rather be praised and worshipped by us than the rocks and the trees.  I will still cry though, still groan, still water the floor or my bed with tears, still grief because of the pain I am going through – but I know that God hears the voice of my tears.  That prayer will be received.





2 thoughts on “We are going to mess up

  1. This post confuses me, which is nothing new. I thought there were a bunch of Bible verses extolling the virtues of fearing the Lord.

    • I believe that the issue of confusion comes from what “fear” means — all the Bible verses describing the action of fearing God means to not take “Him” lightly but to hold HIm in awe. It does not mean to fear the backside of His hand when you mess up

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