Salvation belongs to God


If God can save us from a destination that does not include His presence, then once we make the decision to ask Him to be our Saviour, then the blessing of His saving grace is with us no matter where our road that we are travelling on takes us.

Ever feel overwhelmed to the point of depression.   That seems to be hitting a lot of my friends lately and even though they are Christians, depression has robbed them of their joy.  If it gets really bad, you are usually put on medication.

It is for these friends that I pray for God to reach out His hand and deliver them from such darkness.  I pray with authority for I know God is our glory, it is He who enables us to lift our heads.  It is He who answers from His holy place when we pray.

When I go to sleep and then wake up – it is the actual task of waking to a new day that I know that this day, this new day, is a day for God to sustain me.  I will not be afraid.


Salvation of the Lord

Salvation Belongs to the Lord





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