When they speak against God

when they speak against God

As we are walking on this road that God has charted for us today – what do you think everyone else is doing? Most likely whatever it is they want to do.

In so doing, they hate that you have a sense of purpose – which they want too but not one that involves God – and so they like being around you, so they try to figure out how they can separate you and God.

They will do that with all of their strength – invite you on Sunday to the ballgame, boating on the lake, weekends away, fishing and hiking trips – anything that will take your purpose with God and change it to having your purpose with friends – friends who absolutely do not want to be with God.  Trust me, this does not just happen – it is a planned thing – they want to break your bond that you have with God.

I have seen it work.  The consenting together, the chaos that a crowd can bring into your life to distract you from God, meditating no longer on God but on your next activity, devising plans about things that absolutely do not matter in light of eternity and whispering sweet nothings with your new friends.  You stop taking your stand.

Telling you how God responds to this is a moot point – remember He is God.  He’s enthroned in the heavens.




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