Praise Him


I know that I am going to be praising God for all eternity because I enjoy praising Him here on earth.  I only know Him in such a limited way but can you imagine what my praise will sound like when I see Him face to face?

No matter what our occupations, roles or purposes are here on earth – each and every one of us who are followers of God have one thing in common as part of what we do – we praise Him.

He speaks a word and the word does not come back empty, it accomplishes what it was meant to do.  He gives orders and that’s it – done.

His monument is you and I – His people who love Him, intimate friends of God.


Praise Him – Hillsong Live 

Praise Him – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

David Crowder Band’s “O Praise Him”

Praise Him – Gospel

Praise Him Praise Him -Hymn

Bishop Clarence McClendon – “Praise Him”





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