Who get’s God’s attention?

Who get's God's attention

Jesus had this same issue come up when He was walking on a road that God had charted for Him one day – it came through James and John and eventually their mother got involved.  The temptation is there in each of us to do something that will get God’s attention and somehow we believe we will get recognized and definitely rewarded when we come up big.

Let’s remind ourselves on who God is —

  • He is the one who rebuilds, regathers, heals the broken heartbroken and bandages their wounds
  • He counts the stars and assigns each a name
  • He is great, with limitless strength – we will never comprehend what He knows and does
  • He puts the fallen on their feet again
  • He fills the sky with clouds preparing rain for the earth, then turning the mountains green with grass, feeding both cattle and crows.
  • He is not impressed with horsepower – the size of our muscles means little to Him
  • He keeps peace at your boundaries and puts bread on our tables
  • He launches His promises designated specifically for us from heaven

It seems simply enough – those who fear God get God’s attention.  They are the ones who depend on His strength.

God speaks to us, His words are specifically meant for us.  He has not done this for any other people – talked with them personally and they hear His voice.



How To Get God’s Attention

How to Get God’s Attention



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