Into eternity


What do I want to be doing as I enter into eternity?

For sure, praising God as my God and my King and blessing HIs name.  Basically His majesty can  never be praised enough.  From the generations before me to the generations that follow, we all stand in awe of what God has done and each of us will tell the story of His mighty acts in our lives never mind the lives who have shared their stories with us.

God is all mercy and grace—not quick to anger, is rich in love. God is good to one and all; everything He does immersed with grace.

I still do not get our arguments for not being as generous as God is – everything God does is right, and the trademark of all His works is love.  I know He is listening as we pray, as we pray with absolute sincerity.  He does what is best for us and that usually means He is saving us because He has pledged to stick by us – He is faithful.

Even today, my mouth’s filled with God’s praise.  Let everything living bless Him, bless His holy name from now into eternity!


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