Point out the road I must travel


Sometimes I just need a tangible expression of direction.

I know that God is listening to my prayers and is paying attention to what I’m asking – and He is famous for His answers to prayer!  I just need sometimes to see something done right for me when I am sitting in despair and feeling my spirit draining away – my heart is as heavy as lead.  Of course, in those very exact moments I remember the testimonies, go over in my mind all God has done, ponder just how He has worked, and I stretch out my hands to Him – hands as thirsty as a desert is for rain.

Well then, God, hurry with Your answer.  Don’t want to find myself at the end of my rope – don’t seem like You are turning away or ignoring me – that would be certain death.  All I need is to wake up each morning and hear the sound of Your loving voice and then – point out the road I must travel – so I am all ears and eyes before You.  You’re my only hope.  Lead me by Your blessed Spirit into a cleared and level place where I can rest in You.


Following The True GPS — God’s Positioning System


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