My only hope for life

Zerega Himalayas-Pamir Hwy

In the quiet moments of our lives we really come to terms with how alone we really are in this world.  It is probably why most of us try to fill our moments with as much noise or activity as possible because most of us do not like being alone.

People think that I am an extrovert which is a really problem for me because I am always asked to be part of something and I would rather take a long hike in the woods and spend the day by myself than be with people.

Growing up, being alone meant I was safe.  It was my alone times that I cried to God, He spoke volumes to me – it was where I learned to hear His voice.  It was there that I could be as vulnerable as I was and yet His presence beside told me that was not the case – only an illusion.

I plead for mercy many times during the day because there are troubles in my life.  Yes, even moments of despair when I can feel my spirit ebbing away. When I look to people it seems at times that not a soul cares what happens and when I take assessment of where I am – I am up against a wall, with no exit, left alone.

The perfect spot for me to cry out to God, ask Him to come and rescue me knowing that I am no match for those who are coming against me.  He will pull from harm’s way and I will have another testimony to share to anyone who wants to listen.  That testimony will bring God’s people around me, they will form a circle around me and God will bring me showers of blessing!


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