Walking off without a scratch

walking off without a scratch

Visited a church on Sunday.  The pastor has worked with SIM and has been in the office several times and has offered advice – real spirit of giving.  Since his church was only a few minutes from where I live, the family thought it would be nice to take a look.

Every church service offers a gem and this service had one worship song that was quite intense.  Never heard this one before but it was quite intimate about our feelings toward God and in fact the song described our relationship with God as intimate.  Not being offensive when I say this, but it was a Baptist church and on normal occasions this song would have found my hands raised in some fashion – so instead I just closed my eyes and enjoyed asking God to open His ears to the wonderful voices He was hearing.  My wife noticed my eyes closed and nudged me.  When I opened them there were hands raised all the way up by half the congregation.  Nothing was more beautiful.

God, it was beautiful to be in Your presence.  Post a guard at my mouth and set a watch at the door of my lips.  Don’t let me so much as dream of evil or thoughtlessly fall into bad company.  Don’t let those whose only intent is to do wrong lure me with their sweet talk.  May You always be the one to set me straight and may You always be the one who corrects me.  Don’t let sin anoint my head.

God, I only have eyes for You.  Since I have run for dear life to You, take good care of me. Protect me, even from the demonic and let me walk off from such encounters with evil without a scratch.




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