Get me out of here


I am pretty optimistic and usually see the glass half full when asked to give an analysis.  My faith in God is at the high-end as well believing He knows all things, can do all things, and sees everything.

But I have to admit, from time to time, and these days it seems to be happening more often than not, that I just want to get out.

The pressure from those who want to do me harm requires me to ask God for protection everyday.  I feel as if the words from their mouths against me requires me to ask God to place a bubble around me that would act like a shield from any curses coming my way.  Sometimes it seems random and other times it seems they have actually plotted against me.  It is the words, the choice of words they use and sometimes the total absence of words and I find things out as life progresses that scare me most.  There is a feeling of self-importance that fuels this as they seem to be determined to bring me down and do their best to incriminate me.

If I have described the above with truth then there are two outcomes – one, I love conspiracy theories and have just put myself in one and hopefully the result will be a good book – two, bullying happens in the workplace and we all feel intimidated because it must be us, must be our fault.

That is why we pray and do not look for support either from others or ourselves.  We do not get involved because God is on our side.  He is God, Mercy, my Lord and my strong Saviour – He will protect me and instead of returning their curses with ill-will, I ask God how can I glorify Him through this because at the end of the day, He wants their souls saved and giving Him glory.

This I know – God is on the side of victims, cares for the rights of the poor and I know the righteous personally thank You and that those who follow You are secure in Your presence.




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