No matter where I walk

no matter where I walk

My Arabic speaking youth love to thank God in their prayers.  It naturally flows out of them to the point that it is so noticeable even to them.  From time to time when we’re engaged in specific prayer, I ask them not to thank God, but to focus just on praying for the specific request – and I love it that they can’t.

Imagine being able to thank God no matter where you are?  Even the angels will be listening to my thanks to God as I worship Him wherever I am.  I start with thanking God for His love, for His faithfulness and then I move quickly into worship for most holy is His name and most holy is His word.  The moment I started, God’s presence came in and He made my life large with strength.

Lord, finish what you have started in me – Your love is eternal and You are not going to quit on me now.




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