There is a place to cry


I can still remember my first time away from home.  At sixteen, my aunt and uncle invited me to go to Germany and spend the summer with them = three months to be exact.  With a different culture experience – church, music, family, radio and television – all took on a fresh face.  Two songs stood out the most to me during that time and they must have been big hits because the radio played them a lot. They were both sung in English, so they were the few that I understood.  The one that I still sing today is ‘By the rivers of Babylon’.

I had grown up having found awesome places to cry.  For the three months away from home I was never allowed to be alone and there was no place to cry.  For that matter, I would never want to offend my family by having them think for a moment that I was not grateful for the opportunity.

It’s amazing what can cause us to want to cry – but it is also amazing that we can bring ourselves to that same place just by allowing ourselves to cry.  Remembering has a way of healing too but it needs an outlet and crying is one very good avenue.

Bridges are great places to cry.  I remember my job transition that hurt the most.  What enabled me to pull through was the new campus had an environmental forest complete with river, dam, bridge, wildlife of all sorts including jumping salmon.  That little wooden bridge, slightly covered by bush, at the end of the grounds, was my praying, remembering and crying place.  My marriage was just beginning to transition as well and so with pain at work and at home, this place became my place of healing.

So when people expect you to be happy, have a smile, not to burden them with your burdens, succeed, encourage, motivate, sustain and be creative – I find that impossible to fake – if you do too, maybe it’s time to find your crying place and once you’re emptied of you, invite God to come in and fill the emptiness.  He will be all that you need Him to be and more and you will be a vessel of honour for Him.

Secret Crying Places


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