His love never quits

Cascade Mountains

This morning I’m encouraged with another door God has opened for me in my life.

If you recall, back in the fall of 2013 our niece came to the decision that she needed to follow Jesus.  In the winter of 2014 our next door neighbour decided to come along with us to church and he made a decision to follow Jesus.  Yesterday, my neighbour across the street begged me to tell him how he can know Jesus because he needs Him now more than ever before.  So we are going to meet from time to time in his place for some pre-discipleship.

God is so good and that He found me an available vessel is a blessing.

We thank God, God of all gods, Lord of all lords,  because He deserves our thanks.  We thank Him because He is the miracle-working God, the one who formed the cosmos, laid our earth on an ocean foundation, and filled the sky with light – sun by day and the moon by night.

We thank Him because He has conquered death, set the prisoners free, takes us by His powerful hand and walks us right through the middle of our fears.  The evil oppression destroyed, we can walk through deserts, smash through evil kingdoms and pray against all odds.  He gives us the spoils of the land and we are successful.

We thank God because He remembered us when we were down, rescued us when we were trampled on, every time we were in  time of need – thank God who did it all – His love never quits!

His Love Never Quits

Your Love Never Fails, It Never Gives Up, It Never Runs Out On Me




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